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Hands-free Yearbook Design

Layout and design of yearbooks is a time consuming, and tiresome task. Yearbooks are often put off until the very last minute. When this happens deadlines are missed and yearbooks can be delivered late. We can help! If your school does not have enough staff or volunteers to help with the yearbook, let us do the layout for you.


All we need is a school representative to act as an intermediate to the school yearbook.  The school yearbook representative helps us:

  • Estimate size and quantity of yearbooks needed.
  • Establish dates for group pictures, and yearbook delivery.
  • Helps collect activity pictures for the yearbook.
  • Approves finalized yearbook.


School Day Pictures does all the rest,

and assures yearbook delivery. 


We will establish:

  •  A yearbook website were the yearbook representative can monitor the progress of the yearbook.
  •  A web page were parent can purchase the yearbook, and supply the parents with pre-pay envelopes for those who wish to purchasing by check. 
  • Upload all picture to the yearbook website.
  • Layout all class room pages.
  • Layout all activity pages.
  • Design a yearbook cover.
  • Deliver yearbooks with a list of all students who purchased a yearbook.