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We make portrait delivery easy for schools and parents!

All packages are returned with OUR name, phone number, and website on them.

By printing our contact information on each order, parents are given a clear direction on how to resolve questions, or errors.  We have found that this simple little step dramatically reduces phone calls to the school, increases parents satisfaction, and speeds correction if an error should occurred.

All orders are delivered with a complete list of  students and packages.

If a parent should inquire at the school about their order, the office staff can quickly look up what was delivered.  The school can also use this as a quick reference for students who were absent for picture day.

Purchase on-line anytime all year long.

This is great for divorced parents, grandparents, or any parent who would like to reorder.  With our online proofing they can see the picture, and place an order all year long without calling the school.  Individual images are password protected on the secured login portion of our web-site.

Virtual (Green Screen) backgrounds give parents more choices.

Choices are important to parents.  By photographing students using our Virtual (green screen) background, parents can have a wide selection of backgrounds to choose from.  Parents can also view portraits online and drop each background into the picture to see which looks best.